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Jan. 1st, 2020

from Lyss for me~

Just 5 quick facts


5 things about moi~

1) I love SHINee as a WHOLE. So, no bashing the members.

2) I love BOTH JongKey and MinKey ultimately; doesn't mean I don't like a good fic with other pairings because I do.

3) WHAT I WRITE BELONGS TO ME, sparked from my own wild fantasy and uncontrollable imagination. If I got any prompts or ideas from any other, I'll give credit.

4) I love to personalize my fictions; I include some of my friends in the fics and I write them according to whatever crazy idea I have at that time.

5) My fics are MINKEY and a bit of Jjong with Key or Taemin and hints of Jinki with Taemin or Key but never Minho.. and yeah.. all of them are for friends only. So, if you wanna read the locked fics, add me. I'll add you back. and leave a comment, I'd like to see what you think.. ^^

ps : I'd like it if you read my fics with an openmind, and if you leave a comment, I'd like you even more.. ^^

ps 2 : If you wanna be in my upcoming fics, also f-locked cause I love my work and I'm awesome that way, leave me a message. 

ps 3 : If you're looking for smut, you're in the wrong place. Mine are fluffs, angst, romance, myths, and a whole lot of fantasies.. don't be hating. *wink*

fantasydesire @ solace.
from Lyss for me~

The Guide to My Imagination and Fantasies~


MinKey ONESHOTS (Public)

MinKey Love GuideCollapse )


Guardians - SHINee and OCsCollapse )


SLS crazy mapCollapse )


GTV - the Chaptered onesCollapse )


Nov. 30th, 2012

from Lyss for me~

New Account~

So, if you see some titles/stories in aff.. dont worry - it's me. I'm new there. the username is fantasydesire.. yea, I dont change it.

However, if you see my titles or stories on aff from another username, please let me know. ^^

ps: I dont know who's even reading this.. so .. yeah..

Nov. 22nd, 2012

from Lyss for me~

New Classic~

Title : New Classic~
Author : fantasydesire@solace
Pairing : Taemin/OC
Chapter: Oneshot
Rating: G

Disclaimer: I only own them in my own fantasy-like mind - meaning they are not mine really..

Inspired by Drew Seeley – New Classic

Summary : Taemin had seen it all in the industry.. or had he really..?


 “It's become so hard
For me to be surprised
You're bringing back the real me
No judgment in your eyes

Cause when I dance with you
It's how I speak the truth
Just classic when we met
Now you make me new”

Lee Taemin. The famous magnae of SHINee, also known as the dance machine. He was the epitome of cute, sexy, adorable, innocent and devilish all rolled into one. He had the looks. He had the moves. He had fame, money and power.

Taemin was used to having girls throwing themselves at him. He was used to having older girls trying to act cute and he was definitely used to seeing how girls go all out just so they can please him or make him happy. Lee Taemin was SM Entertainment bred. He knew how to handle these situations – they weren’t anything new to him. He knew that with just a smile or a wave, he could have any of the girls do his bidding. He was also used to the fact that not everybody loved him or SHINee. He was used to judging eyes and getting bad comments if he ever forgot to wave or send a small grin towards his fans. He was pretty much hard to surprise after years of being in the industry. He had experienced it all and he had seen it all. Well, almost.

Taemin remembered how he first met Jin Ae. They were partners for a dance performance during SM Town and SHINee World Concert III. He still remembered how she looked aloof even after she was introduced to him. Not that he was conceited, he knew he was popular and his effects on women. However, Jin Ae looked way more interested in dancing than him, her partner. She was quiet and serious even during practices, silently observing the dance instructors and following diligently. She was a girl with few words most of the time, and her face – it was neither blank nor expressive However, her eyes were the dead giveaways of her feelings. He could tell if she was happy, nervous or frustrated just by looking at her eyes.

Taemin remembered how Jin Ae actually confronted him and told him he just needed to be himself – no pretense. She said she didn’t want him to go out of his ways and be nice to her just to keep his idol image. She also said she was perfectly fine if he was uninterested in her or if he acted indifferent towards her because she understood they were just working together. That really took Taemin aback. Well, for one thing, girls would throw bitchfits if he ignored them.. and two, how could she see past that well-practiced and well-trained façade and attitude of his?

Sooner than later, Taemin did exactly what she told him to. If he didn’t smile because he didn’t feel like it, she would just shrug it off and told him, “Ah well.. everyone has that day where they don’t wanna smile..”

If he was upset and danced his frustrations off, she would silently turn up the volume and joined him on the dancefloor.

If he was happy and kept on smiling and chattering her ears off, she would just listen, smile and say, “Glad you’re happy..”

Lee Taemin felt like he was real again. He felt like himself, not the magnae of SHINee he had to become. After months of practicing and dancing together, he grew more comfortable with Jin Ae. She didn’t judge him unnecessarily. He became who he was assigned to be on screen and on stage, but when he was out with her – be it dancing, or practicing or strolling around or relaxing, he was the normal Lee Taemin. No pretense.

She was the essence of the exact things he knew but at the same time she was also the embodiment of the things he never knew of. She wasn’t what you call a breathtaking beauty, but she was pretty. She wasn’t the girl you’d go head over heels with at the first sight. She was simple, yet complicated. She was frustrating yet refreshing. To cut things short, Lee Taemin just didn’t know how to handle or what to expect from Jin Ae. Despite all these, he couldn’t help but fall for her.

Now, here’s a problem.

Taemin didn’t know how to express himself well. He wasn’t eloquent like Jonghyun was and he wasn’t at all that honest and brave like his Key hyung was. He also wasn’t really a romantic kind of guy like Minho was and he definitely didn’t have the sweet soothing voice to serenade her with like Jinki did.

Therefore, Taemin did what he knew best. Dance. He decided to confess without the help of his bandmates – because he wanted to show them he was a man now (so, he didn’t need help). However, Kibum (being the English lover himself) might have influenced the magnae when he forced the magnae to sit and watch an English movie with him. Of course, it was Korean subbed.. if not Taemin would’ve killed Kibum for making him watch things he didn’t really understand.

Scratch that. Taemin almost strangled Kibum when he saw the title – Another Cinderella Story. It was a freaking chic movie. Kibum was lucky though because (1) the actress was cute, (2) there was this dance thing going on –and since Taemin was a dancer, he didn’t really complain –  and (3) the lyrics of the song that guy sang really piqued his interest and reminded him of a certain someone.

So, that was how Taemin got Jin Ae to be with him. He asked her out and she naturally agreed. He brought her to the restaurant they usually hung out in after their dance practice and they walked at the park – like what they always did whenever they needed a breather. He was practically doing things he always did with her on usual basis. Nothing new there. But then he suggested they go to the dance studio. There, Taemin sat in front of the piano and played a song for her. It was the song he had always wanted to sing as a proposal song – Only One for Me. Jin Ae grinned and Taemin could see happiness in her eyes. He stood up, plugged his phone to the speakers and hit the play button. He walked towards her and stopped right in front of her. He stared at her, his hands reaching for hers as the music played. It was a romantic slow song, but with a slight upbeat tempo that they could dance to.

Taemin started moving as if the music spoke to him. She did the same. They were amazing dance partners. She trusted him. He led her well. Even when they were dancing to unpracticed moves, they were in sync because they knew music and they knew dance. At the end of the song, Taemin tilted his head and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on her lips. He pulled back and stared into her eyes, imploring her to understand. She did. She chuckled softly and he smiled so brightly his eyes disappeared into crescents. Being dancers, they spent the night dancing together and indulging themselves with soft passionate kisses to convey their feelings.

So, that was how Lee Taemin and Jin Ae got together. Taemin smiled when he remembered the meaning of Jin Ae – truth, treasure and love. Living up to her name, Jin Ae told Taemin truths and brought out the real him. Taemin thought she was a treasure because she was different and in her, he also found love.

It was classic. Really. They met. She was everything he didn’t expect. He fell in love. To make things cornier, she loved him too, or rather in this case, she learned to love him. They became an item and………. happily ever after ensued.




Hell.. Who knows? He’s famous but she’s not.. Let’s just see, shall we?

Nov. 20th, 2012

from Lyss for me~

So you can be with her~

Title : So you can be with her~
Author : fantasydesire@solace
Pairing : Kris/OC, EXO-M cameo
Chapter: Oneshot
Rating: G

Disclaimer: I only own them in my own fantasy-like mind - meaning they are not mine really..

Inspired by BToB - Imagine

Summary : Kris no longer loved her like he did before..

Kris hummed as he slipped into the house he shared with HaeWon, his girlfriend. He was ecstatic because he had just returned from spending time with another girl. A girl he believed he was starting to love. Her name was Alice. Kris knew that what he was doing was bad – he already had a girlfriend, but he couldn’t help being attracted and wanting to be with Alice though HaeWon had been with him for the past two years.

Kris checked his appearance in the mirror hung in the living room before going into the bedroom. He had to make sure Alice didn’t leave any traces of her on him. HaeWon might get mad. That’s right, HaeWon didn’t know of his affair.. and he planned on keeping it that way. He couldn’t let go of HaeWon. She was too precious to him.

HaeWon sighed when she woke up. She saw that Kris was already awake. He came home late again. She got out of bed and prepared breakfast for him. She waited for him at the table and smiled when he came out of the bedroom looking fresh. Before she could say anything though, Kris leaned down, pecked her lips chastely before leaving the house.

“Sorry, baby.. I’m already late.. manager hyung is already here..” Kris called out to her and left without a backward glance.

HaeWon was hurt but she just suppressed her frustrations. This had been going on for almost three months – him coming home late and leaving early. It was as if he didn’t want to spend time with her. The thought made her lost her appetite.

HaeWon sighed before packing the food. The stray dogs can eat these, then.

HaeWon headed to work and there she heard the latest news – EXO had won an award. She didn’t bother to ask what award they had gotten, all that mattered to HaeWon was that her boyfriend and his members had gotten an award, which meant recognition. It was one of his dreams.

After work, HaeWon hurried to buy a cake and went to the SME building. She didn’t tell Kris she was going though. She wanted to surprise him.

HaeWon greeted the staffs warmly and cheerfully. They all knew who she was. HaeWon kept on smiling and she was ready to knock on the door when she overheard her name. She frowned and decided to lean on the wall next to the door. The whole floor was quiet so she could hear them talking almost clearly through the slightly opened door.

“If you don’t care for her anymore, hyung.. just leave her.” HaeWon’s eyes widened as she heard Chen’s voice.

“I can’t just leave HaeWon.. She’s been with me for two years.. and I can’t just let her go.” That’s Kris.

“You two-timing her now doesn’t make any difference, Kris.” XiuMin sighed tiredly. HaeWon sucked in a surprised breath.

“It does. At least she doesn’t know. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her..” HaeWon’s heart stopped at Kris’s statement. He didn’t even deny the fact that he was cheating on her. “Plus, she’s still recovering from the accident.”

“You mean you’re only staying with her because you feel sorry for her?” She heard LuHan asked him incredulously. HaeWon heard no reply from Kris and that broke her heart. Kris, do you really only feel sorry for me?

“You’re crazy, Kris hyung. I respect you a lot.. but this is really bad.” Tao said exasperatedly. He didn’t really like HaeWon because she wasn’t that pretty, but that didn’t mean he hated her either. She was kind afterall.

 “I know.. It’s just.. I can’t help it.. Alice is everything I ever wanted and more.. so..” Kris answered dejectedly.

“I think it’s best if we don’t say anything to her.. HaeWon is still recovering after all..” Lay finally put his two-cent in.

Little did they know, HaeWon heard everything. She came to surprise the boys because they had won an award and she was proud of them. However, she didn’t expect that she was the one who was going to be surprised.

HaeWon closed her eyes and covered her mouth to silence her sobs. She didn’t even know when the tears rolled down her cheeks. Deciding she couldn’t take it anymore, she left the cake she brought for EXO-M on the floor beside the door and left the building. She decided to just go home and think it through.

HaeWon was sitting on the bed, staring at nothing when her phone vibrated, signaling there was a message. She sighed tiredly and glanced at her phone screen. It was from Kris.

“I’m sorry, baby.. But practice is still going on. I’ll come home as soon as possible..”

Lies.. All lies.. HaeWon closed her eyes as her silent tears fell.

Her phone suddenly rang and she looked at the screen again. It was LuHan. It rang again, this time it was XiuMin. She just stared at the phone, unmoving. XiuMin and LuHan were the only two EXO members close to her. They were like her brothers. They didn’t care that she wasn’t beautiful like other girls. They didn’t care that she wasn’t as perfect as other girls. They only cared that she was nice and she loved Kris a lot.

LuHan called again. And again. And again. She sighed as she finally answered his call.

“Dongsaeng ah, where are you? Thanks for the cake! But why did you leave it on the floor?” LuHan cheery voice greeted her. However, she noticed how guilt and worry tinged his voice.


“Hey.. are you okay? You sound sick..”

HaeWon waited a beat. “Is Kris there?”

LuHan was quiet. HaeWon sensed his hesitation. She was right. Kris lied.

“Uh.. He’s..” LuHan stuttered.

“I know.”

LuHan stayed silent. Judging from her tone and choice of words, LuHan knew that HaeWon finally knew about what was going on. Before he could say anything, HaeWon spoke.

“Congratulations by the way..”

LuHan sighed. “HaeWon-ah.. How d-”

HaeWon cut him off. “I’m tired, oppa.. Mianhae..”

HaeWon ended the call and switched off her handphone. She took a calming breath and stared at the moon from the bed. Out of the corner of her eye, something was glinting on the bedside table. HaeWon turned and saw a ring. She stood up and picked the ring up. It wasn’t just any ring, it was Kris’s couple ring and engraved in it was her name. She looked at her own ring that bore his name and realization that Kris was no longer hers dawned on her. A painful memory cropped up in her mind.

“As long as we both wear these rings, we will always belong to each other..” Kris smiled as he entwined his fingers with her. They both grinned widely at their newly bought couple ring.

HaeWon knew then. She knew Kris’s heart was no longer hers. She finally felt it with every fiber of her being and it hurt her. It hurt her so badly that she collapsed on the floor, tears streaming down her face, lips parted wanting to scream but nothing came out. She placed a hand on her heart, trying to keep it together but with a choke, she realized her heart was too shattered to be picked up on her own. A sob escaped her lips, followed by a whimper and soon a scream as the pain was too much for her to bear.

Flashes of memories flooded her thoughts.

Her accident. Kris didn’t breathe a sigh of relief. It was a burdened sigh. She remembered now how empty his eyes looked although the doctor had just told him that she was well. He wasn’t happy that she survived. He had wished she had not.

Her birthday party. She remembered now. That girl. Her name was Alice. She remembered LuHan introduced her to the girl as Kris’s friend. She thought it was weird because she knew all Kris’s friends and Alice wasn’t one of them. However, since she trusted Kris, she just shrugged it off. She remembered LuHan’s discomfort when they were introduced. She remembered XiuMin’s nervous face. She remembered her smiling face that belied her smirking eyes.

Their two year anniversary celebration. She remembered how shocked she was when Alice was invited along. She remembered Chen’s sigh and Lay walking away when Alice arrived. Kris and HaeWon had always celebrated their anniversaries with EXO-M members only. The fact that Kris invited Alice along was weird but HaeWon still brushed it off. She remembered how Kris was talking and laughing with Alice instead of her – his girlfriend. She remembered how she dismissed the thought of him cheating on her even when she saw his hand resting comfortably on her waist.

Kris coming home late. She remembered how Kris would always snuggle with her before sleeping and never let go until both of them were awake. But lately, he had been coming home late, smelling slightly like a girl’s perfume and he always slept with his back on her. She remembered seeing a red mark on his shoulder and she was sure that it wasn’t hers. Kris had not touched her for quite some time.

HaeWon felt nauseous. She felt sick to the stomach. How could she have been so blind, so stupid? She dragged her tired feet into their bedroom and mindlessly changed her clothes. She left everything behind. It was for the best. She didn’t want a reminder. She couldn’t handle things that would remind her of him and the memories of them being together.

HaeWon walked aimlessly. Without her realizing it, she arrived at Kris’s favourite place. He always went there with his EXO-M members. She stopped when she saw Tao, Chen and Lay at the little café. They were eating her cake. She smiled a little. She couldn’t see XiuMin and LuHan though. Ah well, they must’ve come here to celebrate. They always did.. She shook her head and continued walking.

HaeWon didn’t know that the two men already saw her and they made their way out of the café. LuHan and XiuMin lagged behind as they didn’t want her to notice their presence. They knew she knew and they knew she was hurting, so they wanted to make sure she was fine.

HaeWon crossed the street and walked towards the park near the café. She ventured into the park, staying in the shadows the trees casted. Her footsteps were halted, however, when she heard Kris calling out Alice’s name. She turned her head and saw Kris motioning for Alice to come to him. they were standing under the stars – just like HaeWon and Kris used to. She watched how Alice sauntered towards Kris and she saw how Kris hugged the girl from behind.

“I only bring people who mean a lot to me here.. It’s my favourite place..” Kris said whilst smiling down at her, his eyes filled with love.

HaeWon cringed at the memory. She tore her gaze away when Kris leaned down to kiss Alice. Tears blinded her vision as she turned back and walked away hurriedly. She could only feel pain in her heart. She didn’t notice the loud honk of a lorry that was heading her way – fast. She didn’t see anything else but the picture of Kris kissing Alice. She didn’t hear anything else but his voice calling out Alice’s name.

LuHan and Xiumin who had seen her crossing the street yelled out her name. HaeWon saw the two males running towards her and yelling her to stop. She stopped, but three steps away from safety and only to turn and stare blankly at the bright headlights of the lorry.

A loud crash was heard and LuHan stared in horror as HaeWon flew several feet away from her original spot. Xiumin yelled her name once more just as her head hit the ground.

Kris who heard HaeWon’s name turned around and saw his members running towards the street. He felt his heart beating fast as he loosened his grip around Alice. He saw the lorry driver jumped out from his seat and slammed the door in panic before hurrying to where LuHan and XiuMin were.

Kris slowly walked away from the girl and took tentative steps towards the accident scene. He was afraid to see because he didn’t want his suspicion to come true. XiuMin and LuHan only knew one girl with the name HaeWon and it was his girlfriend. Judging from the panicked look on both of their faces, this girl named “HaeWon” they were currently hovering above surely wasn’t any stranger to them.

Kris broke into a run as fear filled his heart and stopped right next to LuHan. LuHan was openly crying now. XiuMin was on the phone, trying to call the ambulance. The lorry driver was also on the phone but Kris couldn’t care less about him. Kris stared down at the victim and his eyes met HaeWon’s face. The face that always had a bright smile for him was now covered in blood. Her eyes which always held mirth and love for him were currently glazed with pain and unfocused.

Kris dropped to the ground, chest heaving, barely breathing as he scanned her from top to bottom. She was covered in blood, especially her head. She looked weak, extremely weak. It broke his heart. LuHan who was cradling her head and holding one of her hands kept on muttering a prayer in Mandarin while crying. XiuMin was cursing loudly when his calls weren’t answered by the hospital workers.

“HaeWon.. HaeWon..” Kris kept on saying like a prayer. Her eyes drifted to him and he would have smiled if it wasn’t for her words.

“You’re free now..”

It was slightly above a whisper, but Kris heard it loud and clear. The disappointment in her voice was clear as day. His tears fell anew at her words. She knew. “I.. I..”

HaeWon only smiled a sad smile at his inability to form words. Lonely tears escaped her eyes. She was tired. She could hear XiuMin yelling out information about their whereabouts and LuHan’s prayers. Everything hurt. Everything was too loud. Her grip on LuHan tightened as pain engulfed her whole being. LuHan panicked.

“HaeWon.. hold on.”

HaeWon shook her head as her bruised lips trembled in pain. It was agonizing. HaeWon knew she wasn’t going to make it.

“The paramedics are on their way.. You’ve gotta hold on, HaeWon..” XiuMin said to her. HaeWon didn’t react.

HaeWon saw a pair of legs in her line of vision. She looked up and was greeted by the face of Alice, the girl who had taken her place in Kris’s heart. HaeWon dragged her eyes from her face to Kris’s. She stared at him long and hard. She tore her gaze away when she saw there was no love in his eyes for her anymore. All there was in his orbs she loved was guilt. Her broken heart hurt even more. She buried her face into LuHan’s chest, ignoring the sharp pain shooting through her whole being at the movement.

“I’m sorry..” Kris pleaded.

He doesn’t love me anymore.. HaeWon only buried her face even deeper into LuHan’s hold and Kris could feel his heart breaking at her rejection. It hurts.. God, please.. make it stop..

“I’m so sorry.. I’m so very sorry..” Kris apologized over and over, his voice sounded rough and heavy with guilt and regret. “Please, HaeWonnie.. I’m sorry.. I-”

Kris was cut short when LuHan suddenly gasped.

“HaeWon..?” LuHan pulled away slightly to take a glance at HaeWon. HaeWon wasn’t moving. Her eyes were tightly shut and there was no sound of breath. XiuMin wiped her tears and blood stained left cheek, voice almost pleading, “HaeWon… Dongsaeng-ah…”

LuHan quickly took hold of her wrist, searching for her pulse. His movements grew frantic when he couldn’t find any pulse. “No.. No.. No..” he pressed two fingers on her neck and then a hand on her chest. “Nononono… No.. HaeWon ah!! No!!” LuHan screamed as he shook her unmoving body.

Kris scrambled forward as he too tried to check for her pulse. He couldn’t find any. He didn’t want to believe that she was gone. Kris looked extremely lost as his fingers ghosted above her skin everywhere – too afraid to touch, too scared he would hurt her.

“No.” Kris breathed, but HaeWon was already gone. “No. HaeWonnie.. No..” He placed his forehead on hers, eyes closed as he whimpered. He dropped his head onto her shoulder and sobbed her name time and time again. Still, she didn’t answer him. “Please.. No!” Kris embraced her lifeless body now, crying and screaming in regret. “I’m sorry.. Forgive me.. I’m so sorry.. Please, HaeWonnie.. don’t go.. Please..”

Alice only stood at the side and watched. She watched as Tao, Chen, and Lay ran towards them and they too dropped beside LuHan and XiuMin when they registered about what had happened. She could only watch when the paramedics finally arrived and ran out of their van. She watched as they had to pull Kris away from HaeWon’s dead body to see if they could save her. She watched as the head paramedic shook his head after several failed attempts of reviving her. She watched as XiuMin helped LuHan to stand, both holding onto each other for support. And lastly, she could only watch Kris, the romantic man she liked, crying brokenly. She didn’t even move an inch when his members surrounded him and pulled him into a tight group hug, trying to console each other. She could only watch as Kris screamed in pain over the loss of his loved one. She could only watch. 

Nov. 17th, 2012

from Lyss for me~

What the leader has to say~

Title : What the leader has to say~
Author : fantasydesire@solace
Pairing : Jinki/OC
Chapter: Oneshot
Rating: G

Disclaimer: I only own them in my own fantasy-like mind - meaning they are not mine really..

Dedicated to ayamelockett. Baby, I love you and thank you for everything.. I wanna see Liea when she’s born too.. I just hope you won’t hate this fic..

Summary : Jinki spills the secrets of his members to his wife..


Jinki grinned at the doorframe as he watched Aya giggling inconspicuously while typing furiously on her laptop. He could only assume that the woman carrying his child was on twitter with her unnies.

Aya was half Japanese so she had fair skin and long black hair. His eyes travelled down her face, to her chest, and to her stomach which was big because she was 8 months pregnant. He smiled even wider at the thought of having his own kid. Sure, he was a bit nervous but hey.. he loved Aya so he would love their child as well.

His smile, however, turned into a frown when he was reminded of her best guy friend who was also her lover before him. He almost lost her to that guy named Mark. Ugh.. why did he even think about that man..? Jinki shook his head to clear his thoughts.

Upon hearing her name, Aya looked up from her laptop and settled her eyes on Jinki’s face.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Jinki smiled at the concern laced in her voice. He shook his head and simply opened his arms from where he stood. Aya raised her brows at this but abandoned her laptop and stood up. She circled her arms around his waist and he wrapped her in his embrace tight. He leaned down a bit and kissed her temple.

“Nothing.. just wanted to hug you..”

“You’re so silly, oppa..”

“Do you want hot chocolate? I want some too..”

When Jinki nodded, she pecked his lips and sauntered out of the bedroom to prepare their drinks. He followed her steps with loving eyes and stepped into their bedroom when she rounded the corner of the kitchen.

Jinki lied on the bed while waiting for Aya to finish making hot chocolate for him. His eyes drifted to her laptop and his lips curved upwards mischievously. He quickly dove for the laptop and greedily scanned the contents appeared on the screen. Jinki was curious when he saw minkey and jongtae tags on the page which showed his wife’s name so he clicked the links and took a glance at the doorway to ensure Aya wasn’t around. His wife would flip tables and him if she knew he was on her laptop.

Aya, on the other hand, was humming happily in the kitchen while waiting for the water to boil. She was about to pour the hot water into the mug when Jinki’s screech startled her. Aya quickly put the kettle back down and rushed to their bedroom. Her heart was beating fast as she thought Jinki was hurt but her frantic eyes turned into glares when she saw her husband holding her laptop.


“Uh.. Hey baby.. Wher-”

“What did I tell you about using my laptop?!!” She snatched the laptop away from him and placed it on the bedside table while glaring at her husband.

Jinki was so nervous that he gulped several times. However, his emotions turned a total 360 degrees and shot her a question, “Why are minho, key, jonghyun and taemin having sex on your LJ page?”

Aya widened her eyes in shock and stuttered while trying to an excuse. Jinki laughed at her. He quickly stood up and hugged her tightly.

“It’s okay, baby.. I don’t mind. I’m not mad.”

“Really?” Aya pulled back a little so she could look at him.

“Yeah. I mean, they are truths anyway..”

Aya’s eyes widened and she laughed in relief.

“Are you continuing? You’re half way done.. from your twitter messages, I assume Ice noona will flip tables if you don’t finish this chapter by tonight?”

“Yeah. She’s having a hard time right not. So, reading fanfics is sorta her escape.. I’m sorry if it bothers you..”

“No. Not at all. Everyone has their own way of releasing stress.. You know mine..” He wiggled his brows mischievously and Aya did not miss the hint of lust in his eyes. She giggled before pulling away from his hold.

“I better start writing back now.. if not, who knows what she will do. Lyss unnie is almost the same too.. but she’s busy so she might not threaten me as much as Ice unnie does..”

Jinki shook his head and walked into the kitchen. He ended up making the hot chocolate for them both and joined his wife on the bed as she continued to write – this time, without bothering to switch tabs as he looked from behind her shoulder.

Later that night, Aya laughed out loud when she listened to what Jinki had to say about minkey and jongtae. Apparently, her husband just had to correct a few scenarios of her newest fic which featured jongtae. She laughed again when her husband explained that though Jonghyun didn’t look like it, he enjoyed it very much when Taemin topped him and he knew that because he walked in on them twice and had to endure many MANY nights trying to tune the loud vocalist as their lead dancer worked his way to orgasm. It was safe to say that while Jonghyun was the protector when they were in public, Taemin was the one who called the shots and true master in the confines of their bedroom.

Aya laughed nonstop everytime Jinki decided to correct her stories and since they were fanfics afterall, nobody would know that whatever she wrote was the truth. Deciding it was late enough, since it was 3 in the morning when they finally posted the latest chapter of her fanfic, both of them cuddled against each other while Jinki hummed to her.

“Oppa, what about Minho oppa and Key oppa? Are they the same as JongTae?”

Jinki chuckled at her questions and grinned widely when flashes of incidents of his other two bandmates replayed in his mind.

“That is another story for another night, love.”

“Why not now?”

“Well for one, it’s Key.. so, you can bet that it’s gonna be one long story though he’s not the one telling it.”

“And two?”

“You have to write a MinKey fic in order to find out. Or better yet, you could write a smut about us for a change.. At least I won’t be paired with chicken~”

Aya gaped when Jinki winked at her wickedly. She then laughed at his suggestion.

“No. That’s Lyss unnie’s field. Ice unnie blushes everytime she had to write smut but she sure enjoys reading them – especially minkey.”

“Well, you enjoy them too, right?” Aya blushed, but nodded anyway.

“I can write for us.. but then again, I prefer doing it then writing it..” He chuckled as he littered kisses on her face and neck. He only stopped when he felt a light kick from her stomach. Aya giggled. Their unborn child always reminded the father that she was still in her mommy’s tummy, which meant – no sexy time.

“After she’s born.. so, down boy~”

They sealed that promise with a searing kiss. Aya winked before lying back down on Jinki. Who knew her husband would participate all too willingly when it came to writing fanfictions. Ah well, he was Lee “Onew” Jinki. Sangtae everywhere. Maybe revealing about his members darkest deepest dirtiest secrets is one of his sangtae too. With that in mind, Aya fell asleep on Jinki’s bare chest. Jinki fell into slumber not long after she did.

May. 26th, 2012

from Lyss for me~

I'm Never Gonna Leave This Bed

Title       : I’m never gonna leave this bed

Pairing : Jonghyun/Taemin

Author : fantasydesire@ solace

Genre   : PG-15

Disclaimer : I don't own the song nor the members. I just own the plot and words. ^^

This is a birthday fic for a_life_defiant a.k.a. Lyss my sis. ^^

Inspired by Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5.

Summary             : In which Jonghyun was a player who finally realized he was getting nowhere with his love games.


when your love ran too deepCollapse )

p/s: sorry if it's not as good.. OTL

Mar. 17th, 2012

from Lyss for me~

Guardians - The Vessel (Chapter 5)

Title : Guardians – The Vessel
Author :  fantasydesire  @solace
Chapter: 5
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I only own them in my own fantasy-like mind - meaning they are not mine really..

Special Collaboration Project with a_life_defiant  and  ayamelockett . The author(s) of the chapter(s) will be placed at the “Author” part above. ^^

Summary : When the underworld wants to rule the world. The chosen 7 will rise to fight the evil. They are called the Guardians. But to defeat the Diabolus Lord, they need to find not only the Spirits but also The Vessel. A story of adventure, magic, supernatural, lust, betrayal, love, friendship and humanity.

remembering memories...Collapse )

I know it's been a long time.. but a_life_defiant blackmailed me. Sister. YOUR TURN!! bwahahahhaa...

Mar. 3rd, 2012

from Lyss for me~


Title       : Heaven

Author : fantasydesire@solace

Genre   : G (Oneshot)

Pairing : Minho/OC

Inspired by Ailee’s Heaven.

Summary             : For Minho, his family is his heaven..


You're the place where I'm most happy~Collapse )

Feb. 26th, 2012

from Lyss for me~

Of a girly boy and a manly girl

Title : Of a girly boy and a manly girl~
Author : fantasydesire@solace
Pairing : Kibum/girl!Minho
Chapter: Oneshot
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I only own them in my own fantasy-like mind - meaning they are not mine really..

Special Note : This is written for nhiphuong and chocolatos. ^^

Summary : A snippet in the life of Minjung the football star and Kibum the pretty boy~

a day in their shoes~Collapse )

A/N : Okaaay.. it’s waaaay easier writing a girl Kibum rather than Minho. But I hope this is not a fail. ^^

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